Press Release

Press Release

Local Chicago Woman known as Dr. Exercise starts Holistic True Health Family Clinic after making millions helping people get free cell service.


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Bob Narang-Chicago Tribune| Posted December 30, 2017

I have known Cathy Hallihan for give or take 30 years now and made an exception for my typical sports reporting to write her press release.  I am not surprised that she has me here on the set of PBS while running a telethon to raise money for Sesame Street and other incredible programming for children and adults.

“Wellness is a year round journey and a lifetime commitment like a healthy marriage.” I hear her say to Steve Harvey as she is making him do the Vixen Workout with her good friend and fellow amazing mother, Rebecca Lee and creator and awesome mom, Janet Jones.


“What is Oprah having done?” I inquire.  “Oprah is receiving acupuncture from my friend and personal acupuncturist, Charlie Patterson.”  Oprah says, “This is amazing!  I have never felt so good.  Oh, and people, I need you to show the love by pulling out your pocketbooks and donating to PBS.  Cathy and I are both strong, independent women who want to give everyone as much access to education as possible.  For some people, PBS is his or her education.  Don’t be stingy!”

Barbara Walters chimes in, “Sarah Ghorbanian is an amazing chiropractor!  Thanks for having me adjusted on air.  I have so much more clarity and energy.  Oh and I believe in PBS too.  Pull out your credit card and donate my friends before I have to put in a call to Rosie O’Donnell!”

“Cathy, I see you have local Chicago legend Bill Kurtis sitting down with your friend and nutritionist, Hannah El-Amin.  What is going on there?”  I question.  “Bobby, you know me better than that.  I am an ethical woman and business woman.  I follow HIPAA.  Bill can choose to share his story if he would like.”  

Bill says, “Don’t forget how important it is to start off your children with a solid foundation.  Without support for PBS, Sesame Street would not be on the air.  Don’t wait…donate now!”

“Finally, I see you have CBS 2 News Reporter and Weekend Anchor, Mike Puccinelli, talking to the Social Worker.  That seems juicy.  Tell me more.”  I state.  “Bobby, you know me, Andrea is a friend and highly educated graduate of the University of Chicago.  She is cool as hell, is a belly dancer, a singer, and a woman of the Spoken Word.  Mike and I are friends so I knew that he would become quick friends with her too.  Sorry to disappoint you with a lack of drama.  My friends and I choose lives of happiness and ease.”

“Cathy,” I ask, “how did you know that Steve Harvey could handle the Vixen Workout?”  Cathy questions back, “Did you ever see when he had Piloxing on his show?  It was that moment that I fell in love with Steve Harvey!  I have love for all, but fun and humor are always a great asset!”



“Oh yeah, Cathy, I am getting distracted with all of the action you have going on here.  I am supposed to ask you about your clinic and how you made the millions to open it up.” I state.  “Bobby, you don’t need to worry about that.  I am a business woman.  Whether you plug my business or not, I am going to be successful, help people, change lives, have fun, and use my intellect.”  “True!” I respond.

“Hey Phil Phonce,” Cathy says to the host of Chicago Tonight on PBS, “how much money have we raised so far?”  “Over one million dollars!”  Phil responds with glee.  

“With that response Bobby, this interview is over.  My good friend and Yogi, Tonna Reinhold is going to lead us in our final workout before we have dinner at the Chop House and hang out with my friend, Billy Dec for some cocktails and dancing at all the greatest places in Chicago.”  Cathy commands.




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