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Cathy Hallihan is an entrepreneur who specializes in public speaking, writing, network marketing, and exercise for true health.

She has been featured on several Fox Chicago News segments and was a co-host for Chicago’s south suburban cable exercise show, “In the Zone”.  In 2004, she broadcasted 10 games for the Chicago White Sox with Fox Sports Net and continues to love sports!  

Cathy currently is a presenter both on behalf of her network marketing businesses as well as for Northwestern Medicine.  For the hospital, she has presented both in house and to outside companies, such as the Radisson Blu Chicago.  Cathy has presented to the Girl Scouts of America, OMD Worldwide in Chicago and was a continuing education presenter for Bally’s nationally recognized group exercise primary certification.  She also regularly speaks on behalf of a large non-for-profit organization.

Cathy is a field leader in Stream which helps people get FREE nationwide mobile phone service and energy.  She has been a featured guest speaker on national team training and development conference calls for the Stream Opportunity, the 9th largest direct selling company in North America.  After turning down over 30 direct selling opportunities over 18 years, people were shocked when she started her Stream business.  What drew her in?  Cathy chose to start a Stream business due to the fact that the services are life essential which protects the business regardless of the economy not to mention they had the highest compensation plan that she had ever seen.  In fact, Cathy was able to earn profits so quickly that she retired her former personal training business and cut her contract at Northwestern Medicine after working her Stream business for only 5 months.  Her favorite part of building her Stream business is the practicality that she helps others save money and make residual income on a service that they are going to pay each and every month regardless of who the provider is.  This makes this direct selling company really a recommendation on how get free service with a choice to make money as well.  In turn, this provides an even playing field for all people no matter of his or her previous work history or lack of any experience.  Cathy does not partner up with less than the best and both Stream and her team of partners are the best in the industry.  She is a proven leader who can take even the most novice of people and teach them to be a leader if he or she desires.  Otherwise, she happily works with her partners who are okay with just receiving an additional paycheck each month.

Cathy is also a field leader in Isagenix a company backed by science on putting out the finest nutrition and skin care.  After finding herself traveling more with her other business endeavors and having unbearable migraine pain, vertigo, extreme fatigue, and spinal discomfort, she worked under the supervision of her primary care provider to treat herself for POTS Syndrome and Multiple Sclerosis using her own Integrative Medicine knowledge in Nutrition, Supplementation, and Exercise.  She was aware of the science that she was not getting all the essential aminos a body needs as they can not be produced by the human body alone.  These are critical as they are the building blocks to the human body’s living tissue and contribute to a regulated mood, concentration, and sleep.  Most importantly, with responding to treatment for dysautonomia, is amino acids keep your immune system strong and assist with healthy development of your central nervous system and nuerological function which is at the root of this and many other Western diseases.  She had been aware of and supportive of the Isogenix product line and the nutritional and medical science behind it for 15 years.  However, Cathy waited until her body gave her the choice of a life of ease or a life of disease.  She wants to help others not only with medical need, but in the prevention of others to having to repeat her own difficult life lesson.  In addition, she shares that amino acids benefit in contributing to abdominal fat loss, retention of muscle, and improved exercise performance.  The adaptogens in her Isagenix business are unique plants that have been studied for their abilities to act as metabolic regulators and to strengthen the body’s capacity to resist and reduce stress.  Adaptogens have also been proven for their abilities to enhance physical and mental performance which keeps Cathy functioning at an optimal level with her full plate.  She also proudly keeps her youthful look with the Isagenix all natural skin care line.  Although Cathy’s personal training business is retired, she will make personalized nutritional recommendations and exercise recommendations based off of your personal needs and goals for any customer or team partner as she wants you to have maximum results!

Cathy’s writing has been published through Northwestern Medicine as well as other major health, wellness, and exercise businesses.  She has also shared personal writing through her non-for-profit work.  This blog follows her journey through the amazing Master Key Experience, and she hopes that you will follow it.  If you enjoy her experience, this program is offered as a pay it forward scholarship every fall.  She would love to have you join the journey with her next fall so much so that she tries to donate as much as possible to encourage more future MKMMA students.  It was after she started writing her first novel during her Master Key Experience that she became ill.  That is when she realized she was being called to write non-fiction for her first two books.  She saved the novel to come out as the third.

In addition to the above, Cathy continues to teach group exercise to specialty populations at the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at Northwestern Medicine.  Previously Cathy’s unique background includes positions as Assistant Area Supervisor and CPR Instructor for the Chicagoland Market of Bally Total Fitness, Vice-President/Officer for First Bank of Oak Park, Branch Manager and District Start-Up Coordinator for Bank of America, Front Office Supervisor for the Palmer House Hilton, and a Recruiter for both Paragon Consulting in Chicago and Accurate Personal in Park Ridge, IL.

Cathy holds numerous certifications in fitness, is CPR certified through the American Heart Association, earned her black belt in Hap Ki Do, and is a fluent Spanish speaker.  She is still grateful for the Dale Carnegie Leadership Training for Managers that she received at only 20 years old while serving as the Front Office Supervisor for the Palmer House Hilton and continues to use that knowledge today.  Her most beloved and useful education is working and progressing with her education in the Master Key System with her fellow MKMMA students.  She loves all forms of adventure, exercise, and travel.  She currently resides with her amazing son in Chicago, Illinois.

If you would like to learn more about the Master Key Experience, any of Cathy’s businesses, or to book her to do speaking or writing for your company’s needs, you may reach her at 312.671.0272 or cathyhallihan@gmail.com.

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  1. I had the pleasure of meeting Cathy at a JT Foxx Mega Speaker Event this month. She is full of energy, very knowledgeable & intelligent, full of passion and desire to fulfill her ongoing vision of service driven success. Do not be fooled when you meet Cathy! She can certainly hold her own when needed. Her bubbling personality is evident. Her personal journey is filled with one accomplishment after another. I recommend Cathy because she has a track record of success…

    Michael Bart Mathews
    International Speaker
    Published Author of Financially Speaking-The Best Improvement Starts With Self Improvement-Create Your Own Economic Stimulus Plan
    Business Owner/Financial Literacy Education Coach @ http://www.tmeginc.com

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