WEEK 5-MKMMA 2017/18: New Habits

As we are finishing up the first month of my third year as a Lifetime Member of the MasterKey Mastermind Alliance also known as the #MasterKeyExperience, it may appear that I have mad a poor habit of falling off the Universe.

Appearances can be deceiving.  Two people can look at the same painting and notice different details, two children can be born to the same parents and have a different relationship, and two siblings that are twins can indeed look nothing a like.

As is the usual pace of my life since starting the MasterKey MasterMind Alliance with Mark Januszewski and Davene Januszewski, I get more work coming my way than I could possibly do at the same time.  The biggest challenge about all of the blessings coming my way is I have learned to say no to opportunities that are fabulous, but do not match my DMP.  I am very fortunate in the fact that God or the Powers of the Universe if you prefer that title, has given me not just one gift, but a whole arsenal of gifts.  I have had people outright call me “gifted”.  I have learned to stop feeling uncomfortable about that term and instead own it with self-love and respond with “thank you.”  As a Blue, Helper Personality, I make sure that the person giving me a compliment also realizes how gifted they are with his or her strength!

Some other new habits that I am proud to be sticking to is doing a nice job of putting myself and my son as priority and saying no to others close to me outside of that circle including other family members.  I am a single mom raising an 8 year old boy, and I have more than the recommended seven streams of income for wealth.  In fact, there are times when I take inventory to decide if I can get rid of some.  It is like chess to me.  I am the Queen or as I am known on Social Media, the #QueenBea.  As nice as a King sounds, that piece is pretty useless on a chess board so I am not looking at that.  The knights and rooks are quite useful so those businesses need to stay.  Any pawn businesses need to be removed.  What if I believe the pawn is really a Queen in Training?  Then, I hold onto the business and work it at my own pace as I do all of my businesses.

One can not successfully work multiple businesses at the same time.  How do I do it?  I schedule my time just like I do for clients.  An hour or two on each business.  Sometimes, even 30 minutes is better than 0 minutes.  I also schedule my Spiritual time, my time with my son, my active or exercise time, and am now putting friends in the position to pay for my services as I am not a FREE business woman.  It is okay for me to donate time to a charity or a little time to help a friend.  That being said, when a friend talks to me as much as if he or she has hired me to be their Life Strategist also known as a Wealthy & Life Coach, I need to make it clear that I am paid for those services, and I happily offer a friends and family discount.

The below picture shows the super fun Mother-Son Hoedown from my son’s school.  We had a blast with the quality time, socializing, and dancing together!

Mother Son Hoe Down

I am grateful and celebrate each day, my personal progress, and the progress of both my program and my businesses.

I am thankful that I incorporate creativity and fun into business as I don’t enjoy dull, monotonous, and generally boring work.  To celebrate creativity, I have inserted the “Prince” video below.  I hope that you all enjoy a little time for work and play!


I promise to live my definite major purpose everyday which provides me with my personal pivotal needs of Liberty & True Health.

I always keep my promises!  Golden Cathy Bea Hallihan



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