MKMMA 2016/17 Week 16: Persistence & Industrious Are Critical Virtues

I’m grateful and celebrate each day!  My apologies for being off the blogging radar. I have not fallen off the program and am in the perfect spot for where I should be right now.  I find that once you trigger how the laws of attraction works for you; it goes to my blog of Help!  I’m Being Attacked by the World of Abundance.

To give you an anology of the above, it’s like I’m in a game of dodgeball with 50 great balls being thrown at me at the same time.  However, I have only two hands to catch.  Therefore, I must decide which balls are the critical ones to catch.

Any time that you are pursuing your dreams, you will have people with less than love for you who many like to refer to as “Haters”.  I know these people question when they see me less visible as their negative attitude tells them something is wrong.  My real friends and supporters know that means that I am busy being industrious or taking some time in silence to process a major life choice to lead me to my greatest success.  I hate to tell the people with less than 100% love for me, but the saying, “there is a thin line between love and hate is true!”  In fact, your haters love you, but are suffering from the deadly sin of envy.  Instead of supporting you and seeing you as an inspiration or motivation for him or her to pursue his or her own dreams, they throw you a dodge ball filled with garbage.  Don’t catch that one!  If it hits you, take a shower and continue to move forward!

Want the great news!  My DMP manifests much more quickly than I can keep up with you or even try to explain to you.  However, those of you struggling with these virtues, remember to have your mentor and helpers along the way.  “Nobody makes it without a Mastermind!”  Never quit; keep persisting forward!!!  Please watch the below video to sum it all up.

I promise to live my definite major purpose everyday which provides me with my personal pivotal needs of Liberty & True Health.

I always keep my promises!  Golden Cathy Bea Hallihan

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