Week 24: MKMMA 2016-Commencement, Resurrection, and New Beginnings

It’s ironic that our commencement of this year’s Masterkey Mastermind Alliance comes at the time that Christians are celebrating Easter and spring has just begun.  Many people think of commencement as an end, but in reality it means a beginning or start.  This is really, the start of a new chapter of life.  We leave with our Mastermind partners, continued drills and exercises.  There are more scrolls for us to read on our own.  There are plenty of lessons to review.  Not to mention, flashcards, posters, and audio to keep us on the right path.  I continue to work on my improvement, refinement, and evolution.

New Beginnings

Right now, Christians are preparing for their Easter celebrations in which they celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.  Resurrection is exactly what most of us are working on in the MKMMA.  Going back to my very first blog, we are chipping that concrete off of our subconscious mind resurrecting our most true selves.  For myself, personally, I see certain characteristics that I am bringing back as well as doing the work replace habits that are not useful toward my definite major purpose.

I like the commencement speech below given by Jim Carrey where he talks about fear hidden in practicality as well as the ability to fail at what you don’t want so you might as well take a chance at doing what you love.


One thing to bear in mind on the road that he does not share is his journey.  Your mission needs a method.  For example, many people I know in theater or television spent time serving tables, bartending, or in the fitness industry on the way to achieve their dharma.  Literally this morning, I see on Facebook a picture of my friend who I have as the reporter in my own futuristic press release reporting on his first NCAA March Madness tournament.  We have known each other for about 22 years.  He started off at small paper in another county that is not even considered a Chicago suburban area, made his way to the Chicago Tribune, and today is reporting from the NCAA tournament.  That circles back to week 1 in the course. “Desire with a state of mind that becomes an obsession, the planning the definite ways and means, and backing the plan with persistence.”  Are you obsessed?

I look forward with excitement to this new beginning of my life.  I can’t say that I have it all figured out, but I am getting there.  I keep the things that work and progress and change the things that don’t.  I can choose to live the life of the ordinary, or I can choose to make a life that is extraordinary!  Next stop, hosted blog and keep on moving forward.  I am continuing to blog so I appreciate all of my supporters and hope that I encounter you on the journey.

I promise to live my definite major purpose which provides my personal pivotal needs of liberty and true health.

I always keep my promises.  Cathy

Today and everyday, I am grateful and celebrate life!

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