Week 22A-MKMMA 2016: Enjoy the Silence

During our break, we were asked to find some time in silence.  In an ideal world, I would have taken a weekend away in nature.  I was curious to see what would occur.  I know some people who have been on silent retreats who found it very therapeutic.  I usually hear stories of working through past issues which is a release.

I did not have the perfect silence  However, it was more than what I had been doing.  I had a couple of things scheduled, but I managed to take a social media vacation and spend majority of the weekend in silence.  I meditated, got extra sleep, thought about the expansion of my comfort zone, and my definite major purpose.  I enjoyed some walking time outside as the weather was lovely, and I am very grateful for that living in Chicago.  I put extra focus on enjoying the miracles of my surroundings.  Being a condo dweller, there was loudness in my silence.  I could hear vacuuming, piano playing, neighbors having a disagreement, and more.  It’s not easy to tune those things out.  I thought about silence and simplicity.  On occasion, I would feel a brief moment of loneliness.  During those moments, I simply closed my eyes and brought my hands to my heart.  This immediately removed that feeling and brought my happy connection to the Universe back.  I enjoyed going through my gratitudes and how truly fortunate I am to be here on this earth.


I reflected on how silence is critical to our relationships as it is part of the art of listening.  This includes the relationship with ourself to get our own answers from the world within.  It’s funny as a fellow Master Keys student included in her blog something that came during my own silence as well.  You are what you eat, and I do believe this to be true.  Therefore, what sort of thoughts are you feeding yourself?

I am making time for a more proper silence in my future where I can spend more time in nature.  It will be interesting to see what is revealed to me at that time.

I promise to live my definite major purpose everyday which provides my personal pivotal needs of liberty and true health.

I always keep my promises.  Cathy

Today and everyday, I am grateful and celebrate life!

9 thoughts on “Week 22A-MKMMA 2016: Enjoy the Silence

  1. So true to be aware of the thoughts we feed ourselves. To be diligent in awareness of the thoughts that are constantly cruising around in our heads is crucial in changing our lives for the better. It is such a magical journey we are on. Until next week! enjoy:-)

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  2. Aloha Cathy, I think your blog and your personal version of “time in silence” were very elegantly manifested. And, I loved your quote – it’s one of my favourites ;-)) My original career was as an orchestral harpist and then a solo classical singer, becfore getting into energetic kinesiology, so silence and listen are very important to me. There’s another quote out there, possibly from Mozart, about the silence of the rests being as important, if not more iportant, than the notes! I wish you a wondrous time when you get to go spend silent time in nature. Mahalo for sharing your your experience. Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love, Peace & Joy wendyht

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