Week 22-MKMMA 2016: You Must Choose


Everything in life truly comes down to choice.  You choose your feelings which is why I choose to stick with happy as often as possible!  You choose to focus and when you don’t, you will find a monkey brain kicking in looking at all of the distractions.  You must choose to be consistent in your work to maximize results.


It was interesting to hear this week that a lack of choosing is a part of unworthiness.  You are worthy and can have anything you want, but you can’t have everything all at the same time.  Consciously, I believe that most people agree.  Subconsciously, when we want to be parent of the year, a top money earner in our business, coach of our child’s sports team, a leader in our church, and donating time to every non-for-profit that crosses our path, we must choose.  We need to let go of our ego and embrace the humility to choose.  If we don’t do this, the overfilling of our plate will only lead to feelings of unworthiness.  Your greatness in whatever you choose will be a shining presence to those around you!

In that, it was interesting to watch the below video on Mark J’s blog at masterkeymarj.com.  You can read the comments on his site.



What did you choose to put your focus on when you watched?  Did you get the number of passes correct?  Did you notice anything else?  Did you notice the gorilla enter and leave?  Did you see one of the girl’s in black leave?  What about the curtain color change?

In my world, there is no right or wrong way to watch the video.  Some of us, focus on counting the passes in white as asked in the beginning.  Some people choose to ignore the passes just going to enjoy watching the video.  Others notice the gorilla and maybe the girl leave.  Each person has a different focus and therefore, a different perception.

The awesome part of my network marketing business is we need the different personalities to build the best team.  Those who are driven leaders will drive business, those are are driven helpers will assist the team, those who are information driven will keep your knowledge on point, and those who are social butterflies will always have new people to introduce.  It goes back to the law of giving.  Give away your fabulous talents and receive other amazing talents.  When you share yourself and learn from others, it’s a win.

My wish for you in each day is to enjoy the miraculous perception and talents in each person you meet as we all have our place in the world.

I promise to live my definite major purpose in life which supplies my personal pivotal needs of liberty and true health!

I always keep my promises.  Cathy

I am grateful and celebrate today and everyday!

6 thoughts on “Week 22-MKMMA 2016: You Must Choose

  1. Different personalities – can you imagine how utterly boring life would be if we all had the same personality? I always try to see the beauty in others, especially those vastly different from myself. Admittedly, it can be hard, but it is worth the effort!Raphaela

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  2. Humility to make a choice. Interesting concept isn’t it. I think this will be an area of the class that I will come back around to often in the future, as the chances to take on more-more-more never seem to stop. Nice road sign graphic by the way.

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