Week 21-MKMMA 2016: Everyday Miracles

There is so much going on in our individual world and the world around us everyday.  I am grateful and celebrate each day that I wake-up to be a part of it.  How we think is how we perceive the world which in turn creates our conditions.  I am definitely a person of miracles.  In fact, everything I do with science I consider the miracle of science.

For example, changing your diet and exercising your body improves both your physical and mental health.  We may all know this to be true, but the process of helping people through that is truly miraculous.  With my boy, there was a week that he only had one word correct on his spelling pre-test on Monday.  He was concerned as he was used to doing much better.  I guaranteed him that he would do just as well as every other week on his test; we just had to work a little harder.  He was ecstatic when he still got 100%.  In nature, I see the miracle in the beauty of all things.  I love the sun and beautiful cloud formations.  However, thunderstorms, blizzards, heavy winds, tornadoes and the rest of nature’s offerings are incredibly miraculous as well.

Everyday Miracles

Each and every person that I encounter everyday is nature’s greatest miracle.  Do you see the miracle in all who you encounter?  In the Ben Franklin makeover, we are recognizing virtues in others.  We can not see in others what we do not possess in ourselves.  Next, we R2A2 these virtues which means we recognize, relate, assimilate, and apply.  I consider it a privilege to be looking at the miraculous qualities in those around me and working on applying them to myself.

Each day, we are given choices.  We can walk around like night of the living dead and go through the motions of life.  We can also walk around with excitement for what we will learn from others today.  To me, this also means that we must share and teach our own strengths in life as when you give more you get more.

I promise to live my definite major purpose which supplies my personal pivotal needs of Liberty and True Health.

I always keep my promises.  Cathy

I am grateful and celebrate today and everyday!

28 thoughts on “Week 21-MKMMA 2016: Everyday Miracles

  1. Cathy, your blog is absolutely WONDERFUL. It encapsulates so much of the MKMMA programme!!! I wish you great success in all you do, in all areas of your life. Mahalo for sharing. Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love, Peace & Joy wendyht

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  2. Hey Cathy, Enjoyed getting to know you a little through your blogs when I stopped by today. Nice job. You are miraculous. And your call to look for everyday miracles is great encouragement. Cheering for your ongoing success within and without.

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  3. Cathy, You are so friendly with your message. For me I could remember a day on the rocks in Monterey Bay in California that I was talking to my best Friend Melissa. This is what the message gave me. Peace. Thank you for being a transporter. You must be from the Star Trek crew.

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  4. Thank you Cathy, loved your message, it very much reminds me of how my days are also full of miracles and just by putting our mind into the correct thinking we in turn create our own miracles. Thank you and love and gratitude to all.

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  5. Wow! What an abundance of kind comments on my blog. I normally try to thank individually, but then you are each going to get a lot of notifications:-) Therefore, I want to share how truly grateful I am for the feedback, and that it means a lot to me when I know that my words have an effect on another one of nature’s greatest miracles. You are all amazing and appreciated!

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  6. Being the featured blog post for the week, Cathy, must’ve put a cherry on top of this fine sample of your efforts! I’m not sure if I would call it a miracle – although of course you can 🙂 – it is, however, poetic justice! Thanks for this treat!

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  7. Nicely done Cathy. You see the miracles all around you and awaken awareness within your readers. As I read your post I thought of the awe with which Joseph Campbell described the miracle of the computer memory chips and all the other technology inside the box (The Message of the Myth). That’s the miracle of you recognizing it in all things.

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