Week 19-MKMMA 2016: Celebrate Life!

One thing that occurs to me as we continue reading Scroll V of The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino which states “I will live this day as it is my last” is my own belief of life and death.  When I am no longer on this earth, I don’t want my son, friends, or family mourning for me.  I want him and others to live and celebrate my life over mourn.  I want him and all those who I have touched to continue to live their own lives in celebration.  I have no choice on how others react when that time plays out, but I do have choices on how I live this day and each day that I am privileged to wake-up in the morning.


Celebrating life is not to be construed with life being a party.  Trust me, like many people, I would love life to be one big barrel of fun.  However, that is not reality.  You have to earn everything in life including your fun.  I find turning everything to gratitude whether it is a life lesson or victory keeps me with a good attitude.  That being said, I am now turning my gratitudes to “I am grateful and celebrate” each item in life.  I am grateful and celebrate each service for my family which is our positive and much more feeling friendly take on household chores.  I am grateful and celebrate all of my work.  I am grateful and celebrate each challenge I face.  It’s easy to be grateful and celebrate life’s enjoyments and privileges.  However, it is executing the less glorious tasks and overcoming the obstacles in my hero’s journey that lead to the big victories.

Jim Rohn says, “Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.  Going through MKMMA makes me change that phrase to “don’t wish it were easier, make yourself better!”  Hero go again!

I promise to live my definite major purpose which supplies my personal pivotal needs of liberty and true health.

Today and everyday, I am grateful and celebrate!


12 thoughts on “Week 19-MKMMA 2016: Celebrate Life!

  1. And we are getting better Cathy! Jim Rohn’s quote is spot on for this week, just think where we would be if we were not getting better. There isn’t anyone still with the class who isn’t better (far better) than they were when this adventure began.

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