Week 17HJ: Hero go again

Hero we go again.  It’s time for another hero’s journey.  Yikes…again!!!  When do we get to the easy part?  Oh yeah, it’s life.  Nothing comes easy.  Everything takes work.  The great news is hard work pays off!

Hero's Journey

Apparently, my first hero’s journey, I decided that it was time to get myself out of a high chair.  My oldest brother always tells this story with pride of how smart I am.  I somehow got myself half-way out, and I realized that I needed help.  The first words he ever heard out of my mouth were “help me”.  He thought, is that my baby sister and jumped over the kitchen gate to help me.

I have numerous stories of being my own hero and the helpers and mentors that I met along the way.  It’s funny as I wrote in week 8 about being my own hero in dealing with my medical challenges.

Notice at the top of the journey is the call to adventure.  It doesn’t say a call to fear.  However, more often than not, people fear the unknown.  People will choose to live in quiet desperation as it comfortable over trying something new.  In fact, Xenophobia is specifically the irrational sensation of fear of foreign or strange people or situations.


How do you like those apples?  Hmm…which to choose irrational fear or call to adventure?  Certainly, I can choose self-justification.  I have a young boy.  Let me just tell him that he can do anything he sets his mind to while I find something comfortable and easy that allows me to get by and not pursue becoming a greater version of myself.  Oh, but not for you little one, I want you to work hard as the sky’s the limit.  Being an example to yourself and those around you is the best option in my world.

I will admit, in my past, with no dependent, I was absolutely fear-less.  It’s why you can see that I have such an extensive background.  I am grateful for that quality.  I can understand how another parent may now be a reluctant hero.  Keep in mind that you can’t expect your child to do what you are not willing to do yourself.  Fear is a form of energy.  However, this fear of the unknown is irrational.  You are not in a life-threatening situation.  Your fear is not going to turn into adrenaline so I recommend finding another use for that energy that will make it positive.  Using the Laws of Substitution and Dual Thought, we can choose to replace this with something more positive.  Remember the old adage, everything that you need to know in life you learned in kindergarten?  What emotions do children link to the unknown?  How about excitement, adventure, and curiosity!


I have an unyielding amount of excitement and curiosity for this adventure in life.  Not everyday is easy, but fulfilling my definite major purpose in life is important.  When I am not working on my dharma, I am denying others of the benefits of my service.  Our webinar had us write down this week.  “Life has no meaning.  I have meaning, and I bring it to life!”

Today and everyday, I am grateful.

I promise to live my definite major purpose which fulfills my personal pivotal needs of liberty and true health.

I always keep my promises.  Cathy

7 thoughts on “Week 17HJ: Hero go again

  1. Thanks for the picture Cathy, its fun to see what each other look like and who we are in our “real” lives. My son is very into Transformers too, (except when he’s not a Power Ranger of Spider man) but I don’t have a full on costume myself like you do. I bet your kid thinks your cool!

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