Week 13-MKMMA 2016: The Law of Giving Part II

I had a very interesting holiday week.  I don’t mind interesting holidays as they are a part of my life.  Holidays used to be more stressful for me.  Trying to get to two sides of a family in one day.  I used to travel to almost Wisconsin and then go to Indiana with a young boy in tow.  I would end up caring for my dad much of the time at my family function.  Now, that he can no longer leave the nursing facility unless it is to go to a hospital or a grave, I keep a much simpler holiday.  In a way, his decline in health is a gift to me.

With Me

As my father’s Power of Attorney and just a caring daughter, I would make arrangements for transportation or sometimes take him myself while balancing my young boy.  My father is much more complicated to care for than my 6 year old.  My 6 year old passed him up by age 2.  As you can imagine, it is not easy.  When my father got to the point where he could no longer leave the nursing home, in a strange way, this really is a gift to me.  Although everything in life is a choice including being Power of Attorney for my parents, I felt the right thing was to help out.  I treat others the way that I want to be treated and wanted to give back to my parents as they gave to me.

My family understands that I have always had quite a full plate.  I also tend to be one of the organizers of family gatherings or the Department of Family Communication.  However, with my businesses and my boy, I need to be the organizer of myself and help my son do the same.  When we had to write what we would sacrifice in writing our definite major purpose without writing anything less than positive.  I wrote, “my family is defined as myself and my son.”  My extended family is aware and supportive of this.  When I get sick, it’s usually because I have chosen to move myself to a backseat while keeping someone else in the front.



Another gift that I have given myself is the art of learning to when to refrain from speaking.  I am so grateful that my dad taught me to be candid and say what is on my mind.  Honesty in a transparent manner is one of my most valued traits.   However, in life, there are people who won’t have appreciation for your frankness.  There are also people who may be reacting to you on something unresolved within him or herself.

This level of awareness came in handy this week as I had some choice words said to me by someone for not doing some of the “traditional” aspects of Christmas in my place with my boy and our trip to Houston for the holiday.  I replied first with “your feelings on our life are not facts.”  After another cussing response back to me, I ended the conversation and went on with my day.

The beautiful thing about life is yin and yang.  I did not allow less than positivity to invade my subconscious mind.  Therefore, I got a slew of wonderful gifts from other people in my life.  Below, I have included two for your celebration with me.


I am so grateful for a wonderful life full of good choices and life’s lessons as needed.  I am overjoyed to be surrounded by amazing people in my innermost circle and to learn from all around me.


I promise to live my definite major purpose in life everyday which supplies my personal pivotal needs of Liberty and True Health.

I always keep my promises.  Cathy



17 thoughts on “Week 13-MKMMA 2016: The Law of Giving Part II

    • Absolutely! My parents and I have a great relationship. If you back track my Facebook to Father’s Day, you can see some shares that I did on the journey of Alzheimer’s/Dementia with my father. I feel great everyday with my life’s decisions. It’s all attitude and perspective. When he tells me to take the job as president of the United States, I respond, “I am honored at your confidence in me dad, but I’ll keep doing what I am doing. I love you.”

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  1. Cathy, I stopped by because I was curious about how others are dealing with the break and the Holidays. I Grateful I did. To say you have had a interesting Holiday – hits the nail on the head. Dealing with your dad and Loving him I do find precious. When you say you are giving back what they gave you as a child (that’s what I heard), I relate very easy to that with my MOM. She is 81 and doing relatively well. I have to remind her also that I Love her and she will always be my Mom. Thank You for you post as I recieved peace with your words knowing that so many in this class are Powerful, wonderful, Grateful, Loving People and it make me proud to know we are all on the Journey together and connected by the same Spirit.

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