Week 12-MKMMA 2016: Law of Giving

I will sum this up in a simple sentence: In order to receive, you must first give.

As we continue our journey of studying the Master Keys, we also study the seven laws of the universe.  I chose to talk about the law of giving this week as many people are doing Christmas shopping.  I even have even received Christmas gifts from students who are not Christmas celebrators as they give to me knowing that I celebrate.  I am always impressed at how very selfless and a huge sign of appreciation that is.


I noticed on our private alliance section, where we can chat privately amongst ourselves, that a fellow MasterKey Student was concerned over not having anything to give.  I commented about the fact that we all have something to give.  To me, life is not about presents rather presence.  Your presence means more to people than any gift ever will.  Memories can last a lifetime where a physical gift may break or get lost or stolen.  Kindness, love, appreciation, and respect are the best gifts on the planet!  Quality time is another amazing gift.


My amazing business partner in one of my businesses where I help others get free energy and free mobile phone service is my mother.  I couldn’t have a better person by my side.  I am so grateful to have her presence with me on her 80th birthday today.  My son gave my mom a glow stick also known as a light saber that we had in the closet from his own 6th birthday.  “May the force give you the energy of a room full of 6 year olds!”  I gave my mom a huge hug and kiss, thanked her for being my mother and for her support throughout the years, and showed appreciation for our unique differences.  I also reminded her of my unconditional love for her.  She thought that these were the perfect gifts.  Happy 80th birthday mom!


I promise to give myself and my son amazing love and self-care each day as I live my definite major purpose in life which provides me with my personal pivotal needs of Liberty and True Health.


I always keep my promises.  Cathy

21 thoughts on “Week 12-MKMMA 2016: Law of Giving

    • I share myself with the world within, my son, my family, my chosen family, and the world without every single day. I live a life of abundance which gives me 100% faith that I always have room for sharing:-) I treasure all people, but you can always make new friends. Only one woman gave birth to me. We both know how special and fortunate we are to have one another.

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    • Thank you very much Brian. I just try and lead by example doing what I believe is right in life while staying focused on living my definite major purpose. May each and everyone of your days bring you joy!


  1. Awesome insight into giving. Your son is blessed by having a mom who is investing in herself and by example teaching him the same. That is an amazing gift to you both. May you continue to have the great experience that the MKE has brought you so far. I enjoy reading your Facebook posts as well. Hope to meet you someday.

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  2. Presence over presents – fabulous! Your mom must be one wonderful 80 year old to have produced a daughter like you. Wishing you and your whole family a wondrous 2016! Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love wendyht

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    • Thank you so much Wendy! My mom is amazing with her own unique story. Everyone strong woman in my family did things ahead of her time. It’s included in my novel which is my 3rd book release. Let me finish book one where it is non-fiction. My blue needs to help others:-)


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