Week 11-MKMMA 2016: A World of Abudance

Is there such a thing as too much abundance?  I think not.  I call it choice and consequence.


It is week 11 in my Master Key Mastermind Alliance.  I am so grateful to be a part of this program.  As I continue to fine tune my definite major purpose, my abundance only continues to grow.


In week one, I was offered an amazing opportunity to make a very generous salary as the exclusive Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor for one of the nation’s best and largest physical therapy companies.  The owner is fabulous and so is the facility.  It gave me great flexibility and the options to work on my other endeavors.  It was so hard to say “no” to that opportunity.  I still realize how great it is.  However, I have a Holistic True Family Health Clinic to open in 25 months or less.  This is going to require a lot of my time and for me to make large financial gains to invest.  Who knows?  Maybe the company will be one of my investors?  More will be revealed.

Here I am in week 11.  I continue to grow my main network marketing business with life essential services.  I added in another health and wellness one to make my life easier as I travel because I never want the not fun feeling of less than wellness if possible.  I chose the second one that I did as I have been broached by a ton of health and wellness opportunities.  I support all of my fellow network marketers.  With the company with which I chose to turn, I understand both the nutritional and the medical science.  I feel they are the best, hands down!  I only associate myself with the best.  I have my contract at the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at Northwestern, the best hospital in Chicago, Illinois, and one of the nation’s best per U.S. News & World Report.  I only take the best cec’s in my field as I want to continue to expand my knowledge to not only help the everyday healthy, but continue to help the medically specialized populations.  Both companies that I chose to do network marketing for are the best in each company’s respective field.  I chose the best people with which to partner up.  I have always been fortunate to train with the best making me my best in every field that I have ever worked.

Cathy Flex

My latest celebration is being asked to represent a line of very hot women’s fitness apparel.  I was so honored to be asked as I am 40 years old.  How can I possibly add one more thing to my plate?  Like any new habit or endeavor, I will begin slowly and add on from there.  This company knows that I have several businesses.  It does fit into my definite major purpose as I believe that when you feel sexy in your workout apparel, you will work your body to maintain or continue to see gains.  There is a mind and body connection, and that can even stem into something as simple as apparel to help set the right mindset.

It’s funny as I look back at my family history.  People thought Grandma was not so nice for giving the children cod liver oil back in the 70s and 80s.  My grandma was brillant!  She was giving the children fish oil which is now proven to help brain function, mood, and overall health.  Wow, Grandma!  You always were ahead of your time.  Could it be that I am the legacy?


I had someone tell me this week, “I want your life!  It’s so exciting.”  Anyone can choose to have whatever he or she wants.  Life is about choice and consequence.  It was not easy when I chose to become a single mom, but it was the best choice by me and my son.  I balance my solid work ethic with a fun factor as I believe in living life to the fullest.  You never know what tomorrow holds.  You do have a choice to make each day amazing!  I welcome you to do that with me whether directly or indirectly.

I promise to live my definite major purpose everyday which provides for my personal pivotal needs of Liberty and True Health.

I always keep my promises.  Cathy

Today and everyday, I am grateful.





23 thoughts on “Week 11-MKMMA 2016: A World of Abudance

  1. What an awesome, energized story (and you look great in your photo). My congratulations on all your successes for those for which you are destined. Have a great day!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you so much Mark. I was born with this energy and do everything I can in my choices to keep it Golden.

      My authenticity truly comes from my father, the bricklayer. He was always very candid, believed in speaking your mind while maintaining a kind heart, and was a man of great faith. He is still living. However, I speak about him in the past tense as he is unable to be that way right now. He is 10+ years dementia and a myriad of other ailments.

      The excitement is I have an idea that I have run by my mom and his caregivers. We are going to adjust his nutrition and supplementation like I do for myself and my clients. We know that can help him physically and will be interesting to see how it affects the brain. It will be interesting to see the results on someone of his age and in his condition. More will be revealed:-)


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