Week 8-MKMMA 2016: I Am My Own Hero

I so appreciate that my MKMMA class has been so patient as I have been going through the experience of getting diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.  The medical community depending on who you are dealing with may label a patient as an autoimmune, dysautonomia syndrome, or mind body syndrome.  I will call you a human being.  If I get to know you well enough and we have strong rapport and trust, we might have a conversation on how we are powerless over everything, but ourselves.  I may feel comfortable enough to have a conversation about the fact that we can not cause, cure, or control anything in life.  I may remind you that what we have going for us in the human race is the ability to make our own choices.  If our trust level gets to a point where we continue to have these type of “deep” discussions I share that I feel life is about choice and consequence.  That our perception is a choice as well.  When someone has the courage to get emotional with me, I remind them that they are an amazing human being with a gift who more likely than not, given his or her individual circumstance, may or may not be having a normal reaction to some form of trauma.

I keep a strong practice of compassionate detachment also known as detaching with love as I have to in order to maintain my health.   The most challenging part of being affiliated with the medical community is I watch amazing human beings get diagnosed with GI issues, Neurological disorders, psychiatric disorders, cardiac issues, orthopedic issues  and/or more.   The patient so desperately knows that they just need a reset button hit.  The doctors don’t understand as they are too in the box of their medical textbooks, medscape, ego, or whatever is his or her go to is to assist patients.  Don’t get me wrong, there are amazing and gifted medical care practitioners including doctors.  If you are thinking regardless of whether you feel stress or not in your brain also known as mood, emotions, thoughts, anxiety, etc. that you may need a reset button hit somewhere to feel better, remember that everything in the body works from the inside out.

For example, there are actually many different theories on how to retrain your subconscious mind.  The one that I begin with is teaching diaphragmatic breathing which in turn puts my students in connection with the solar plexus also known as the celiac plexus.  This in turn puts you in touch with the xiphoid process which we used to train people on back in the late 90s when teaching CPR.  The xiphoid process training was not having the success that the American Heart Association wanted the general population to have.  With more and more Americans facing heart disease, they needed to simplify this life saving skill.  I, in turn, try to teach my students preventative exercise techniques which some people may refer to as preventative medicine and restorative techniques which some people may refer to as restorative or healing medicine through exercise and other simple changes within the scope of ethics of my field.

How have I been able to keep functioning in spite of my prognosis?  I maintain a strong mind, a strong gut, and had to reset my central nervous system.  That is that feeling you have when you need to reset.  Sleep partnered with a little fun and humor always go a long way as well.

Cathy and MIM


It looks like it is time for me to rewrite my definite major purpose as it has been in my mind going through this process.  Now, I need to put it on paper.  I am grateful to be an ever evolving woman, mother and entrepreneur.

I promise to live my definite major purpose everyday which supplies my personal pivotal needs of True Health and Liberty.

I always keep my promises.  Cathy





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