Week 6-MKMMA 2016: Easy Does it

Ready for Janet Cropped

I missed a week 5 blog.  It is so heart warming of so many people reaching out to see when my blog would come out.  How exciting to make such an impact on my little part of the world!

I am so grateful that my MKMMA program is understanding and flexible with the mandatory requirements.  This is a program where we all strive to better ourselves through the reprogramming of our subconscious minds in addition to working in unison to live our individual Dharmas aka our definite major purpose in life.  Unfortunately, I have fallen ill.  I can not do everything that I used to at this very moment.  It may sound not easy, but it is easy for me as I am a Golden Cathy.

What is it like to be following Integrative treatment for POTS Syndrome as you are waiting the next 5 months for the first available appointment in survival mode to be seen by the specialist out of Milwaukee?


Prior to treatment, I had through the roof migraine pain and Vertigo so bad that I was concerned with passing out. This is a legitimate concern for someone like me. I passed out on a friend’s birthday 15 years ago. I have a high pain/illness tolerance so I did not complain on her day to celebrate. By the time a friend asked if I was ok and I responded no, it was too late. I clutched a door frame woke up on the floor and was awaiting an ambulance.

I struggle to maintain enough sodium in my body ever since that infamous day 15 years ago. My old Primary Care Physician (PCP) did not consider it important as I am otherwise healthy. My new PCP in the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine aka OCIM at Northwestern always saw it as important. She was frustrated along with me as I would struggle with my sodium.

God looks out for us inspite of us! I could not feel ok with OCIM being my primary care at first as my former contract in the very same department of the hospital was too heavy in the time that I spent in the office. Now, I have cut back to just a few hours a week of teaching in a studio not in the office and occasionally helping if the need arises for a presentation. I asked in the spring if it would be OK now if they took over my primary care. I am so grateful that the answer was yes.
Why am I up now doing this blog now when I got home late last night? I don’t feel good.

Part of my Integrative regimen is I am following a gluten free diet as not only is that considered helpful for POTS, but also I had tested with evidence that I may benefit from staying away from it with an Integrative blood work panel a few years ago. Due to the respiratory complications like congestion, coughing, and decreased breathing capacity, I also avoid dairy. I did have a little of each last night.

I feel slightly nauseous and have a minor headache right now. No, I did not have cocktails. Most of my friends will say that I haven’t drank much since that infamous passout date in June of 2001. That is another link making me a POTS suspect is an inability to have alcohol. I had 3 sips of Prosecco last night. I am extremely thirsty at the moment so I intake an electrolyte drink with medical grade dehydration salt powder mixed into my beverage. I am OK because I choose to be. I supplement. I work out. I read, write, and meditate. I have supportive partners in business and at home. I have hired help at home for the evenings when I fatigue and am in the process of getting a cleaning person twice a week.

Coach Hope_1
I am calling Recycled Rotts about my four-legged baby who I love to pieces. Per the contract agreement that I signed to be a responsible dog owner to my girl, Hope, I have to offer them the first right of refusal. My amazing friend has offered to be Hope’s new owner inspite of having a full house herself. She is another amazing Scorpio, Maine South Alumna, and a Golden Mom to both kids and pets. We are going to see if Recycled Rotts will approve her as the new owner to make the transition as smooth as possible. K9 University, my boarding and training facility of choice, has been taking amazing care of Hope for 3+ weeks.  I have been working on everything that whole time. They are working patiently with me as I sort this all out.  It is not easy to be in this position, but I have to make the best decision by me, my son, and my dog.
When I was getting out of a limo gingerly yesterday after getting my hair done in the city of Chicago, people impatiently laid on the horn. I do not “look” sick. Please keep this in mind when I need the handicap stall so I can sit as I am trying on clothes. I am managing my Vertigo everyday by spotting like a dancer doing beautiful turns. However, this is my everyday beautiful life.
I workout to be strong. I eat well to be strong. I supplement to stay well and be strong. I am going to kick some autoimmune into remission😊
Let’s make today great together!
I promise to live my definite major purpose each day which fulfills my personal pivotal needs of Liberty and True Health!
I always keep my promises. Cathy

7 thoughts on “Week 6-MKMMA 2016: Easy Does it

  1. Cathy, remember you are connected to the infinite, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent universal mind. As such, you are whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy. It is very refreshing to read your posts. I wish for you quick and complete manifestation of your perfect future self.

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