Week 4-MKMMA 2016: Learning to Simplify

Last week, as I was extremely exhausted between my business endeavors, travel, and being a Golden Mom, I hammered out my blog to hit the deadline for my MKMMA class.  Right when I went to write it very early in the morning, I noticed a fellow student publish one quote.  It made me laugh and taught me a lesson as she hit her deadline while keeping it simple.  As it went, later on she added more.  I enjoyed both blogs.  The simplicity of the one quote and her intellectual side of expanding on it.

Needless to say, I knew I had to simplify.  It was not easy as I waited until I was not well.  I ended up having to take off this entire week of work.  I contract out to one of the nation’s best hospitals and my state’s best.  I still have my car in the parking garage there as I am intelligent enough to know that I was not in shape to drive.  I am elated to have wonderful medical providers, family, and chosen family who supported me.  The MKMMA program is aware that I need a week off at minimum and maybe even two.  I am going for easy does it back into things.

Every year is a Golden birthday in my book!  For my 40th birthday on Monday, I have one request from you.  Please read the attached link on stroke written by my wonderful colleague, friend, chosen sister, and resource coordinator for the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at Northwestern Medicine.  She is another multi-dimensional strong woman who coordinates our fitness class program, is another writer and presenter, and of course, a Golden mom.  Her name is Jill Stein, and it is her story of having a stroke as a healthy 44 year old fitness instructor.  She wants to help others with Prevention with her story.  Many Thanks!



I promise to live a life of my Dharma providing me with Liberty and True Health.

I always keep my promises.  Cathy

Today and everyday, I am grateful.

(Look out for next week I will balance a blog of creative writing and intellectual stimulation of the work we do with our subconscious minds.)

8 thoughts on “Week 4-MKMMA 2016: Learning to Simplify

  1. Rest, and renew. Golden mom. I love that. In my youth that is what I aspired to be, succeeded, and now am on another path. They are all wonderful, so enjoy each moment-and again. Rest.

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  2. I am so proud of you for sticking with it. The inside really does control the outside, but it takes time. this is my second time through the course and I still am working through some issues. I see progress and am encouraged by that. My prayers are with yoy.

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  3. It’s surprising that more women have strokes than men and the symptoms can be so different. Time to take notice we should all learn when to say no to all the extra demands that we assume we can handle; even when your feeling young, strong and full of energy ready to handle the challenges to do it all; most people don’t want let anyone down and refuse to say no and feel like they can be a super mom or Dad, super employee, and super everything, in the attached blog article “A Stroke at 44” should teach every reader to prioritize and make sure they are listening to their own needs and respecting life’s limits.

    Thank you for taking the Master Key Journey

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