Week 2-MKMMA 2016: Choose Your Thoughts Wisely

What We Think About Manifests

As I execute my work for week 2 of my Master Key Mastermind Alliance, I am grateful to learn so early on how important it is to not only choose your thoughts, but to be specific.  I would wager to say that everyone I know would tell you that I am a positive person.  I actively look for how to perceive the best in life experience and other people.  Of course, I am not perfect at it, but it has always been important to me.  This attitude fits great into the MKMMA which is challenging me to progress to the next level in every aspect of my life including my thoughts.

I find this to be so critical as positive thinking and vision display the shining, Golden Cathy.  Anything else may be slabbing on the concrete which slows or paralyzes me from the progression that I deserve.  As I think about that analogy, it brings a smile to my face as I think of my father.  He may have been a brick layer for most of his life, but his slabbing of concrete was to build incredible structures as it should be.  My father made me feel like a Golden Cathy when he was not working as he was supportive and loving.

Dad Bricklayer

As I continue for refine my Definite Major Purpose (DMP), I see how important my thoughts are.  I am so grateful for the business growth in one of my endeavors.  In another, something has come my way that may be fabulous.  It is outside of the city which is not typical for me to commute on a regular basis.  I was not location specific in my DMP so this opportunity appears to support that for which I asked and thought about in the last week.  Today, I am completing my week 2 DMP revisions.  Could it be when I get to take a better look at what has come my way tomorrow that this will be part of the method in which to achieve my Definite Major Purpose?

As I continue to put in the work, I can feel that when I want to limit myself, it is really just more of the concrete that must be chipped off.  The Golden Cathy, just like you, can do anything that she sets her mind to do.  It is a matter of intention, focus, executing the work, and celebrating my rewards through appreciation and acknowledgement.

Today and everyday, I am grateful.

I promise to continue to work on my thoughts, my Definite Major Purpose, and doing the necessary work.  I always keep my promises.  Cathy

I promise to manifest liberty and true health.  I always keep my promises.  Cathy

Blueprint Pic

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